A Cops Nightmare: Cloning The Ancients is a sci-fi detenctive thriller unlike anything else. When Morgan Blackwell is involved in two shooting in two days, he begins his odyssey into the world of ancient religions and cultures, both interwoven with modern day battlefield efforts. Looking for a friend who might help him unravel the mystery that seems to grow daily, Morgan finds himself being targeted by religious, military and political assassins. A Cop’s Nightmare: Vampires In The Old West pits Morgan Blackwell and his best friend Chuck Bendetti against a conspiracy to recreate the state of Colorado as a “pure” vampire region. Traveling back to the 1860s Morgan and Chuck find themselves pitted against a full team of vampire-clones, sent back to further the success of the conspiracy. As Morgan and Chuck battle vamp-clones & Indians in the old west, Karl and Don keep the plan from being completed today! In a Cop’s Nightmare: Witches Are Born, Morgan and his team find themselves helping the local Sheriff to investigate a series of robberies. All evidence points to a motorcycle gang, but Morgan’s team finds links to a local witches’ coven. As only Morgan and his team can, the crimes are investigated from all angles and new information is discovered that links today’s witches with vampires from thousands of years ago.