American Thinking


American Thinking is a collection of Frank Borelli's writings on a wide range of topics: the nature of being an American and the service-orientated nature of patriotism; the training necessary to so serve; the kinds of threats that we will need to address as patriots; the equipment (including mental equipment) we need; and a close look at the threat that will most define this generation: terrorism on our soil.

If there's one theme that defines Frank's outlook and runs through this book, it is that terrorism will be the standard reality here in the U.S. in a very short time, and that we as a nation – each of us individually as citizens – will have to change to deal with it. And it's not a pretty picture. Life here will get more violent; the traditional social-work / liability-ruled approach to life – and to use-of-force in particular – will have to adapt; we will have to become genuine warriors. Short of this, we will become another Europe: appeasing, cowardly, statist, and basically controlled by any world-stage despot or philosophy. Frank is emerging as one of the leading writers on the consequences of this coming reality. He writes to the individual – not to the academicians, not to the social critics – but to you and me. His chapters in this book on the meaning of service, on facing up to the task at hand, and on training and preparation for it are critical reading. American Thinking will be one of the seminal publications that define what we are and what we do in this new world.

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