Another Fork in the Road

Following after “Above Dirt” and “A Fork in the Road,” comes “Another Fork in the Road.” This is a book of motivation and self-help. Written in a series of seven sections and forty-eight chapters, the contents focus on finding ways to maintain a positive outlook in the face of challenges, on overcoming the sometimes darker side of life, on enjoying every moment we can in a life that is all too short even if we live to be over 100 years old! Perhaps more than any of that, this book focuses on mentoring and leadership, helping others to see the good in every day and to make the most of what is available.


Welcome to the sequel to “A Fork in the Road: Navigating Your Path of Life with Motivation.” That book was meant to be the sequel to “Above Dirt: Motivational Thoughts Supporting a Positive Outlook.” When there’s a sequel to a sequel the author starts to realize that he’s writing a series… but in this case it wasn’t planned. It was the result of lessons learned and realizations brought forth thanks to the experiences of life in general as well as awesome conversations enjoyed with amazing people.

I know, awesome and amazing – those are great adjectives, right? The truth is my life proves that if you focus on the positive things and people you experience each day, the number of them grows. By focusing on the positive you have less time to spend on the negative, and that side of your life, day by day, begins to dwindle.

That is the purpose of this book, as it follows the two motivational books before it: To help you find, see and appreciate the positives in each day and to minimize or remove the negatives that can so harshly impact your quality of life.

Kindle version: $4.95

Print version: $12.95


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