Cigar Lounge Wisdom

Cigar Lounge Wisdom is an anthology of essays based on conversations held in, well… a cigar lounge (sometimes a cigar bar). Organized into nineteen chapters there is information about cigar shop etiquette as well as knowledge on cigar/drink pairing and so forth. There is also a host of wisdom shared that was gleaned as someone enjoyed a good cigar along with (usually) a good bourbon.


Today’s cigar bars and lounges have become the new conversational locations of the 21st century. The conversations can be light-hearted or serious in the extreme. They can be problem solving or purely entertaining. They can be educational or completely superfluous. Whatever category they fall into, they aren’t a waste of time and are generally enjoyable. Relaxing? Largely, yes… but not always. It depends on how worked up you get about a given discussion topic.

This book is an anthology of essays along with some basic cigar-enjoying knowledge, all gathered and fine-tuned in a variety of cigar bars and lounges. The essay topics are as varied as the discussions in a cigar lounge and offer quite an assortment of philosophies and outlooks on life. Maybe you should visit your local cigar lounge and have such conversations?  AFTER you purchase and read this book so you understand the proper etiquette!

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