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Circles and Lines

Is life a circle? Or is it a line? Does it matter? Why even think about it? Just recently I ran across some memes that had me wondering about the mindset they presuppose and the overall tone, be it positive, negative or somewhat neutral. They started me thinking about Body’s Cycle – the humane decision making cycle taught to many (if not all) combatants. The cycle is a four step repeating process wherein your observe your surroundings, orient yourself to the situation, make a decision and then act upon that decision. Your action causes a change so you have to start over with observing the change and so on. These cycles are often referred to as “OODA Loops” (said “u-dah loop”). They are circular and repeating. They are also usually applied only to compressed time frames such as competitions and conflict where your actions have to happen fast… fast enough to get ahead of your opponent’s OODA Loops and emerge victories.  Can the same thing be said on a grander scale about life? Continue reading

Abused & Discarded…

As most folks who read my blogs know, I have been a police officer for over 30 years. Like everyone else, I’ve faced challenges in my life and like everyone else I’ve faced times when I had to work in an efficient and professional manner even when life wasn’t all peaches and cream. It’s often a challenge to remain professional and focused while life is less than ideal. So many police officers and military personnel today are working through personal issues but can’t take time off to do so. By the same token, being distracted on the street – or in a combat zone – can get you hurt or worse, so our warriors have to set aside their personal issues and get on with doing their jobs. Continue reading