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Be Thankful for the Darkness

There’s an old joke about how some people are so stupid they would bang on their hand with a hammer just so they could enjoy how good it feels to stop. While none of us can imagine why anyone would voluntarily hurt themselves just so they could enjoy it when they stop, the “joke” does illustrate the process of experiencing a negative event and then having a deeper appreciation for the positive event that immediately follows. That’s the topic of this entry: the necessity of experiencing some “bad” things so that you can more deeply appreciate the “good” things… and how eventually you can learn to appreciate the “bad” things… and then they’re not so bad anymore. Continue reading

Dream Big; Live Large!

One of my favorite birthday greetings to offer someone is, “Happy Birthday!  Celebrate like it’s your last; live each day like you want 100 more!”  While I’ve had a few people express dismay at the very thought of having their last birthday (completely understandable reaction), the also express delight at the idea of “celebrating large” and then living another 100 years.  This message is somewhat along the same vein: Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die tomorrow.”

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