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Understanding the Trauma of Trivia

One of the most important parts of communication is understanding or at least attempting to see and understand the point of view of the person you are interacting with. The ability to do this makes the difference between taking everything literally or taking things as they are potentially meant. The same statement can have a variety of meanings but only one intended – and that one depends on YOU understanding the intentions of the person making the statement. To prevent misunderstandings and to help us minimize the times we negatively impact someone’s day, it’s imperative that we remember this one thing: what is trivial to us, can be traumatic to another. Let’s take a look at an example of how one statement can mean different things, and work on from there. Continue reading

Just Don’t Quit

For ten years now the show NCIS has been a fairly popular show.  Leroy Jethro Gibbs or more simply “Gibbs” has been quoting rules and teaching them to his team all that time.  Some I agree with; some I don’t, but “Gibbs’ Rules” finally inspired me to write out some of my own.  Rule number 1: Just don’t quit. Continue reading