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Weight Loss Is Only A Fraction of Fitness

A couple years ago I was part of a team that filmed several video segments centered around the value and importance of fitness for law enforcement professionals. The video series was never published but I’ll never forget a couple of things about it. First, my partner in the series was the same height and weight as I am but our physiques were (and remain) entirely different. Second, our eating habits were (and remain) very different. Last, the amount of time each of us spends per day exercising, not to mention the type of exercise we focus on, was and is drastically different. All of that combined to create different examples of fitness and the goals we each had. Continue reading

Pride is Forever

It was a very rare occasion indeed in Basic Training (Army) if I thought, “Wow, this is fun!”  More often than not I was digging deeper into myself, looking for the strength and courage to meet the next challenge; wanting to help others find the same strength; encouraging them on and appreciating it when they did the same for me.  More often than not, that “strength” was just being determined not to quit.  There were no other options: do what was required or drop out.  I was NOT going to be the guy who couldn’t finish Basic Training – no matter how much a particular moment might be challenging or painful.  In those moments I would silently chant something I had read:

Continue reading

Ignore The Distractions

If you look back at the first two posts in the motivational category (where you’re reading this too), you’ll see the first two: Just Don’t Quit and You Don’t Have To Like It (You just have to do it).  This one?  Ignore the distractions; focus on the goal! One of the most respected military units in the WORLD today is the Navy SEALs.  They are considered the elite of the elite.  They are smart, fit, imaginative and simply don’t know how to quit.  Do you know what one of their secrets is?  Ignoring distractions.  What distractions you ask?  Things like fatigue, hunger, pain, home sickness, etc.  One of the reasons they are so successful in their missions is because they stay focused on the mission until it’s complete. Continue reading