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Sympathy vs. Empathy

Just the other day I was involved in a very brief virtual discussion about the benefits of empathy over sympathy. For the person to whom you’re expressing either of these, there is a benefit; but which is better or more beneficial for them? The person who originally posted it had the position that empathy was ultimately better than sympathy because you were seeing the suffering person’s outlook from their own perspective. I maintained that you can’t do that because you don’t have their same background, experience, knowledge, etc. Then, like I usually do, I overthought heck out of it and ended up simply making sure I understand the differences, strengths and any potential weaknesses. Then, as usual, I started typing. Continue reading

Where The Green Grass Grows

I will never forget parts of my childhood and one of the things I remember best is my father complaining about how he could never get the grass to grow healthy. He’d complain about weeds; he’d complain about fungus; he’d complain about too little rain, too much rain, not enough sunshine, kids in the yard and more. Then one day he decided to have the entire yard cut up and had all new sod put down. I’ll never forget how carefully he took care of that new sod. He watered it religiously, fertilized it in accordance with the landscaper’s directions and mowed it (or told me to mow it) weekly in season. I’d like to discuss the implications and analogies that my father’s yard care represented in comparison to relationships – which is most often how the green grass on the other side of the fence statement is applied. Continue reading

Risk, Care, Dream & Expect

It’s a reality of life that we can’t incorporate just one positive characteristic into our personality make up and be a complete person.  Instead, we have to incorporate numerous positive characteristics, molding them together, finding the proper balance between them, and leveraging the sum of the whole to reach an improvement in who we are.  Part of who we are should always be striving for growth; improvement; learning; development and more.  Part of who we are should remain focused on never being content with what IS but always striving to attain what can be – if we work for it.  Such improvements… such gains in our personality and life require us to do a few things:  Risk, Care, Dream and Expect.  Let’s break them down a bit…

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