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Focus on the Inspirational

One of the greatest compliments I’ve ever been paid was when a longtime friend of mine posted on a social media site that I had inspired him. I hadn’t, until that point, considered that I might inspire anyone to anything, but reality is that we ALL inspire someone to something. If we’re jerks, we might inspire them to dislike us. If we’re courteous we might inspire them to smile. Some people spread a positive message and inspire others to do the same. This entry is about seeking out such people and focusing on their message to offset or replace the negativity that seems to exist in each day. Continue reading

Holiday Blues? Find the Silver Lining

Every year around this time, as all law enforcement professionals know, suicides and suicide attempts seem to climb in number.  The stress of the season, for whatever reason, seems to outweigh the happiness and good cheer that (seemingly) all of us are trying to spread.  The challenge is that not ALL of us really are trying to spread good cheer.  Some people are merely trying to make a few more dollars before the fiscal year ends. Some people are just trying to get a few more sales made before the end of year. Some people are just trying to leverage the season to fatten their purses/wallets and they don’t think about anything else. Now, it’s true that such folks can really only prey on those who haven’t set a budget or haven’t made up their mind what they want to buy, etc. Continue reading

Life’s Most Necessary Skill

Yes, I admit to “baiting” with the title. I was hoping it would make people wonder, “What might that be?” or “What does this guy Borelli think it is?”  My answer: Overcoming adversity. Out of the thousands of skills we need to learn (and hopefully master) throughout our lives, the ability to successfully cope with and overcome adversity is the single most important skill we can master.  I KNOW there are plenty of people thinking, “But what about…?” and putting in a different life’s skill.  I won’t argue you with you because there may be other life skills that you as an individual feel are more important.  To me – because of the quirks of my personality, knowledge and life’s experience – overcoming adversity is the single most important life skill a person needs to master. Using some contemporary events, let me expound a little bit on why. Continue reading

Staying Positive & Why

Just recently on Facebook I saw a meme that was a joke. In essence it said, “Shoot for the stars because even if you only make it to the moon… you’ll still be thousands of miles away from me with your motivational BS.”  I had to laugh and share it with my friends. I wondered how many people had that outlook about the motivational stuff I try to generate and share?  I KNOW I have at least one friend who stopped following me on Facebook because, and I quote him, “You’re motivational crap every morning just turned my stomach.”  To each his own.  Some people are just determined to be negative, or aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about. Continue reading

REFUSE To Live On Your Knees

As much as it pains me to quote Rocky Balboa, the man had this right: “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” When you think about what was one of the most successful movies in the world, written by a “nobody” (which is what Stallone was at the time) and starring a “nobody” (same observation) and about a man nobody gave much credit to (Balboa), the statement reflects what made Balboa a great fighter: No matter how many times or how hard he was hit, he just kept coming back.  That, my friends, is how a successful life is built; is lived. Continue reading

First World Problems

I am blessed. There’s no question about that.  One of my blessings is purely intrinsic (meaning it’s inside of me; innate to me) – I try to learn in every way I can from every experience, every conversation, everything I read, etc.  One of my (many) blessings is purely extrinsic (from outside of me; from others) – I have children who are all more intelligent than I am and they happily, although sometimes unintentionally, share knowledge they have gleaned that I have not.  “First world problems” is one of those things I’ve learned about. Continue reading

Pray For Strength to…

The quote is from the Master, Bruce Lee.  He was a man who certainly didn’t have an easy life, but somehow found the time and energy to train, as well as training and motivating others.  All too often we – all of us humans – find a crutch in praying to god (or God – or whatever deity you prefer) – for an easier time of things.  I’ve known people who ONLY pray when times are tough and they think they can’t handle it.  I’ve known people who pray multiple times per day for God to help them with their problems; for God to ease up their burden; for God to… well, you get the idea.  They pray for an easier life.  Then there are those who say, “God will only burden me with what he knows I can handle.  God must think I’m a badass.”

Continue reading