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Who Defines You?

“What follows ‘I am’ is far more important than what follows ‘You are’.”  I put that quote up on Facebook a while back and got a LOT of traction with it. It seems so simple a concept – what you think and say about yourself matters more than what others think and say about you. Right? There shouldn’t be any argument about that. But in reality, we spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about how others perceive us; what they think of us; how they view us; what our reputation is and so on. I’m as guilty as the rest. And then something will happen, or I’ll ready something or hear something… and it’ll help to ground me. It will remind me: what I think of me is more important than what someone else thinks of me. Continue reading

Defining Success

Success, as defined by Dictionary.com means: the accomplishment of one’s goals; the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.  Those definitions align with what most of us have been taught throughout our lives, as we grew up, as we worked to attain certain goals in school and then as we moved into our lives, careers, families, etc.  Accomplishing the goal was success.  Having money, a house, a car and lots of things, was being successful.  Luckily, along the way, most of us were taught morals and ethics and learned to abide by the law as we pursued success.  The most successful with the least concern for legalities became famous through history: Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti and other career criminals.  My question for you is this: does having all of those material things make you a success?  Are you a success for having worked hard to attain them?  Or is there, just maybe, another way to be successful? Continue reading