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In Harmony and In Balance

In almost every culture, on every continent, in every language and throughout history you can find references to trilogies. I don’t mean the three-book novel stories that have become so prevalent in today’s entertainment world. I am referring to more meaningful trilogies such as… Continue reading

Discussions, Arguments & Education

I am far from the first person to have talked about the difference between discussion and argument or the pros and cons of each. Just recently, though, I was involved in a conversation about this very topic in a place where discussion was more common than argument. Further, it was observed that the discussion in this particular type of establishment tended to be more enlightening than that of some others. As it happens, I was in a cigar bar involved in a discussion with several other military service veterans. Let’s talk first about the difference between arguments and discussions and then we can talk about the difference between the establishments cited and purposes served by the discussions. Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Education Become Arrogance

This morning my attention was grabbed by a post on social media wherein the person posting claimed that his view of a particular event was more accurate than other views being shared and when asked why he felt his was more accurate, his response was, “Because my level of education is higher than yours, therefore I understand the intricacies better.” The interaction made me stop and think. What I ultimately came away with was 1) the question I’m trying to answer, and 2) the outlook I find value in. Continue reading

Education vs. Experience: The Value of Balance

My mind has been spinning for the past couple of hours – and it’s all my own fault.  A young man who is a work acquaintance of mine posted something on facebook about depression.  I think we can all agree that depression sucks.  Feeling depressed is never an enjoyable thing.  My outlook and response was that this young man should seek out a positive thought; a positive outlook; a silver lining to whatever dark cloud was hanging over him.  I suggested that based on my 51 years of life and the experiences I’ve had therein.  Another online friend of his – a 20 year old young man – began to argue with me about how depression, being caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain – couldn’t simply be thought away; or defeated by having a better outlook. Continue reading