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Dream Big; Live Large!

One of my favorite birthday greetings to offer someone is, “Happy Birthday!  Celebrate like it’s your last; live each day like you want 100 more!”  While I’ve had a few people express dismay at the very thought of having their last birthday (completely understandable reaction), the also express delight at the idea of “celebrating large” and then living another 100 years.  This message is somewhat along the same vein: Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die tomorrow.”

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Pride is Forever

It was a very rare occasion indeed in Basic Training (Army) if I thought, “Wow, this is fun!”  More often than not I was digging deeper into myself, looking for the strength and courage to meet the next challenge; wanting to help others find the same strength; encouraging them on and appreciating it when they did the same for me.  More often than not, that “strength” was just being determined not to quit.  There were no other options: do what was required or drop out.  I was NOT going to be the guy who couldn’t finish Basic Training – no matter how much a particular moment might be challenging or painful.  In those moments I would silently chant something I had read:

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