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Defining Deity

I happen to belong to an organization that requires a “belief in deity” to apply for membership. Now very carefully read this: I didn’t say “a belief in God,” or any other specifically named deity, religious icon, etc. I said, it requires a belief in deity. I know people who have expressed a desire to join this organization but those same people say, “But I don’t believe in God.” What god? Whose god? God by what name? Do you not believe in any deity at all? Continue reading

The Outdoors and You

… Or “Nature as Therapy.”

I am blessed to have the friendship of some people in my life who have a LOT more life’s experience than I do.  Interestingly enough, they seem to be far wiser than a lot of other folks in my life.  I wondered why that was and came to this realization: intelligence doesn’t equal wisdom and neither does experience.  Wisdom is the result of filtering the lessons you learn from bad experience through the knowledge you’ve gained.  Most bad experience immediately follows bad judgment, so wisdom is actually the refinement of judgment through the analysis of bad experience.  Interesting… Continue reading