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Answering That First Hater

Well, it had to happen. After announcing the new fitness & nutrition business my wife have launched, I got my first message (via Facebook) that read: “Are you serious? You’re doing the Beach Body thing? Isn’t that for women? You give up your man card? Don’t be a p*ssy. Lift hard, run hard. Eat clean. It’s all you need.” Okay. I’ve known this man for about twenty years and he truly believes exactly what he sent. I guess there may be some misperception of Beach Body, its origins and gender specificity… but give up my man card? I don’t think so. Continue reading

Enemies, Haters and Doubters

There was a time in my life when, without filter or care, I’d say whatever was on my mind.  Like anyone else, some of what I said was critical of others and, although I didn’t realize it, sometimes unfair.  To say that I made a few enemies in my youth would be an understatement.  Heck, that was before I ever got out of high school.  But, as we grow into adulthood, we come to realize that those we knew in high school play little to no roll in our lives after we graduate.  For me, that habit of speaking my mind stayed with me through the Army and into my career as a police officer.  On at least one occasion it earned me an enemy… a hater who, to this day, wishes me ill will and has actively sought to do my career harm.  For a long time I returned his hatred and then I came to two realizations: first, hating him didn’t hurt anyone but me, and second, his hatred for me grew as my success did, so, at least to some extent, he didn’t really hate me; he hated my success; something he didn’t share.

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Hate, Energy & Motivation

I was at lunch just the other day with four men who I consider friends.  In fact, two of them I consider brothers.  One of those brothers I have trusted with my life and I’d trust the other three with my life without hesitation.  The one that I HAVE trusted with my life I’d happily storm the gates of Hell with, sure that we’d either come out the other side together or neither of us would come out at all.  I share that so that you can understand this: These are four men I hold in high regard and whose opinions I respect.  What they say I take to heart and give due consideration, even if it’s something I really don’t enjoy hearing. Continue reading