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Sunday Evening Self Conversation

When I was in my teenage years, I remember my father, almost every night, sitting on his bed, just staring into space… or at least, that’s what I thought. When I asked him about it one day he told me he was meditating. When I asked why and what about he told me that he felt it was calming for his mind. He was a district court judge and questioned his own judgment quite frequently. He’d sit and review cases and testimony in his head and try to confirm for himself that he’d made the right decisions, or if he had to make a change in the outcome somehow. He’d also ponder what the days ahead might hold and try to get himself “mentally in the game” as he put it. Continue reading

How Do YOU Measure Success?

Just recently I had a man – a friend from my youth – post on Facebook about how I’d been an inspiration to him.  Allow me to quote (and no, this isn’t just for the purposes of feeding my ego): “I would like to publicly acknowledge a man I consider a friend, a brother although I haven’t seen him in 30+ years. Frank Borelli has truly been a blessing and an inspiration to me through messages and posts on facebook, either directly or indirectly. Frank, over the years you’ve awaken the “never quit” attitude in me. Over the last 3 months I’m down 60 lbs., blood sugars are daily in normal ranges, blood pressure in down and getting better, and daily I find myself making better choices. The first 50 had its bumps and bruises but I’m still here. Can’t wait to see what the next 50 will bring. Thank you, my friend, my brother, for your wit and wisdom.Continue reading

The Difference Between…

Every day it’s inevitable: I talk with someone who, at some point during the conversation, says, “I wish…”  WHAT they wish for may be highly improbable.  “I wish I could win the lottery.”  “I wish I could go back in time and change blah blah blah.”  “I wish…”  But some of what they utter a wish for IS obtainable if only they would ACT to make their wish come true.  “I wish I could control my future.”  “I wish I was skinnier.”  “I wish I was built better.”  Hmmm…  I’m pretty sure you can make such wishes come true.

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