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Standing In Line

As with so many of the things that inspire me to start thinking around a topic, something popped up in my social feeds. In this case it was about how, as we live life, we are essentially standing in line. Standing in line for what? The person who presented this represented everyone as standing in line for entrance to heaven. The reality is that, depending on your belief system, it really is standing in line to die… and begin whatever adventure comes next. But there were some very relevant and valuable observations made about standing in that line and I wanted to expand on them a bit. Continue reading

Live in the Moment

From the Cigar Lounge Wisdom collection (coming soon)

For much of my life I lived under a mistaken belief based on something I had been taught by my adopted mother and then reinforced by many a sergeant in the Army. That mistaken belief was this: That if I was relaxing I was accomplishing nothing; I was wasting time. Since time is limited – each of us only has so much and we never know what that allotment is – wasting time was totally unacceptable. It would earn me my mother’s wrath and the sergeants would always be able to “help me” find something to do. Continue reading

Don’t KNOCK On Opportunity’s Door

I remember being taught as a boy, “Opportunity often only knocks once.  Be sure to open the door.”  I also remember thinking, in such a childish way, “Cool!  Opportunity’s going to come to me. I don’t have to seek it out.”  Of course, as I got older, it was explained to me and I learned through experience, quite often you have to MAKE your own opportunity; it doesn’t come looking for you.  If it does, you’re damned foolish if you simply ignore it.  That all said, I recently came across a different perspective on this opportunity philosophy and it changes the outlook from opportunity knocking on YOUR door, to YOU approaching opportunity’s door.  It’s a small adjustment; one that changes the level of control you hold.  Then it goes one step further: Don’t just knock. Kick the door in, smile and introduce yourself!

Continue reading