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Winners Find A Way

I feel that this saying goes along with, “Quitters never win; winners never quit.”  We all know people who just never seem to get ahead in anything they attempt and when we look at their efforts objectively, we realize it’s because they never really finish what they’re attempting.  Their failure isn’t because they can’t accomplish the task at hand; it’s because they voluntarily choose to stop trying before reaching the goal.  And then, inevitably, they offer up an excuse as to why they weren’t successful.  More often than not, the excuse places responsibility somewhere else or on someone else.  “So and so distracted me,” or “So and so kept me out partying too late last night,” or “So and so didn’t tell me I need to have that to complete this task.”  It’s always “so and so’s” fault OR there were some outside uncontrollable circumstances to blame.  The person who habitually fails at anything they attempt typically finds an excuse as to why, and (although this is a guess) I’d estimate 75% or more of the time, they don’t accept responsibility for themselves in their excuse.
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Someday Doesn’t Exist

I think procrastination should be considered a much greater sin than it is by spiritual people.  Consider this: Life is precious.  Few of us will disagree about that.  Life is also a gift: it’s a gift you received from a mother and father.  Most of us are courteous enough to express our appreciation for such a gift and we (typically) do so, when you think about it, by giving cards and gifts to our parents on the appropriate, specified holidays – Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day.  But life is also kind of like a marriage: if you ONLY express your appreciation for it on your anniversary, and the rest of the year you treat it as if it’s a low priority, then eventually it really is just taken for granted.  Life, like your parents and your spouse, should be appreciated every day and that appreciation should be expressed.

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