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The True Citizen Soldier

No, this article is not about National Guardsmen (or women). It’s not about any state or county run organization that empowers citizens to act as a group during any crisis. This article is about Joseph Average Citizen – otherwise known as Joe Citizen – and what power Joe Citizen has against both crime and terrorism in this country. I don’t think many people realize just how powerful of a person Joe Citizen is. In fact, I think many Joe Citizens walk around day in and day out in a haze… a haze brought on by being blissfully unaware of what is going on around them. I believe that many citizens stay in this state of unawareness until something happens to wake them up. Usually that something is an emergency that mandates an immediate reaction from them. Unfortunately, what they decide to do – how they react – will be entirely dependent on what they’ve observed and how it affects them. If they’ve not observed anything because they’re in their own little world, then their reaction may not be appropriate or effective. If Joe Citizen would simply sometimes pay attention the power of our collective citizenry would be formidable. Here’s how…  Continue reading

A Fighting Generation?

It is an observable oddity of the American society that we sometimes act or behave exactly opposite to what is in our best interests. I know a great many people who act oddly when they are falling in love, but that’s not really a surprise is it? Some people say that a soldier who sacrifices himself for his fellow soldiers has acted oddly, but others understand the selfless sacrifice he made – and should be honored for. What strikes me this week that I’ll write about in this article is how our American society seems to be structuring itself to raise ever more pacifist citizens at a time in our history when we are most in need of warriors. Continue reading