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Be Thankful for the Darkness

There’s an old joke about how some people are so stupid they would bang on their hand with a hammer just so they could enjoy how good it feels to stop. While none of us can imagine why anyone would voluntarily hurt themselves just so they could enjoy it when they stop, the “joke” does illustrate the process of experiencing a negative event and then having a deeper appreciation for the positive event that immediately follows. That’s the topic of this entry: the necessity of experiencing some “bad” things so that you can more deeply appreciate the “good” things… and how eventually you can learn to appreciate the “bad” things… and then they’re not so bad anymore. Continue reading

Pride is Forever

It was a very rare occasion indeed in Basic Training (Army) if I thought, “Wow, this is fun!”  More often than not I was digging deeper into myself, looking for the strength and courage to meet the next challenge; wanting to help others find the same strength; encouraging them on and appreciating it when they did the same for me.  More often than not, that “strength” was just being determined not to quit.  There were no other options: do what was required or drop out.  I was NOT going to be the guy who couldn’t finish Basic Training – no matter how much a particular moment might be challenging or painful.  In those moments I would silently chant something I had read:

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