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Have You Forgotten

Previously published, September 11, 2007
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So my wife had to work an evening shift the other day and, as always when that happens, I found myself enjoying father/son night with my ten-year-old. Now, since I’m about the proudest daddy you’ll ever find this is in no way a burden. On this particular evening we were scanning some videos online and one that we came across was Daryl Worley’s “Have You Forgotten.” We watched twice all the way through. When it was over my son and I had a conversation about certain parts of it and I was silently thankful for artists like Daryl Worley who DON’T let us forget. After my son and I had talked I felt compelled to sit down and get some of my thoughts typed out. Continue reading

Stay Strong America

The apartment complex was vast and sprawling.  It was actually two different complexes that bordered each other and, due to the landscaping that shared a playground, they were often thought to be one complex.  Together they were comprised of roughly fifty apartment buildings, each with sixteen apartments for a total of 800 apartments.  Each apartment housed anywhere from two to six people although there were a few where single people lived and a few where the family had eight members (or more).  The estimated total population of the combined complex fluctuated from year to year but averaged about three thousand people.  During the most recent census, the population was shown to be 97% African American, 2.5% Hispanic and 0.5% Caucasian. Continue reading