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Staying Positive & Why

Just recently on Facebook I saw a meme that was a joke. In essence it said, “Shoot for the stars because even if you only make it to the moon… you’ll still be thousands of miles away from me with your motivational BS.”  I had to laugh and share it with my friends. I wondered how many people had that outlook about the motivational stuff I try to generate and share?  I KNOW I have at least one friend who stopped following me on Facebook because, and I quote him, “You’re motivational crap every morning just turned my stomach.”  To each his own.  Some people are just determined to be negative, or aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about. Continue reading

The Glass is Refillable

We’ve all heard the sayings and whether a pessimist or an optimist is denoted.  “The glass is half full,” says the optimist. “The glass is half empty,” says the pessimist.  “The glass is improperly engineered,” says the engineer.  “While you all argued about it, I drank it and now it’s empty,” says the opportunist.  Here’s what someone says who believes in a positive and motivated outlook: “The glass is refillable. Partake all you want.” Continue reading