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A Fighting Generation?

It is an observable oddity of the American society that we sometimes act or behave exactly opposite to what is in our best interests. I know a great many people who act oddly when they are falling in love, but that’s not really a surprise is it? Some people say that a soldier who sacrifices himself for his fellow soldiers has acted oddly, but others understand the selfless sacrifice he made – and should be honored for. What strikes me this week that I’ll write about in this article is how our American society seems to be structuring itself to raise ever more pacifist citizens at a time in our history when we are most in need of warriors. Continue reading

Have You Forgotten

Previously published, September 11, 2007
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So my wife had to work an evening shift the other day and, as always when that happens, I found myself enjoying father/son night with my ten-year-old. Now, since I’m about the proudest daddy you’ll ever find this is in no way a burden. On this particular evening we were scanning some videos online and one that we came across was Daryl Worley’s “Have You Forgotten.” We watched twice all the way through. When it was over my son and I had a conversation about certain parts of it and I was silently thankful for artists like Daryl Worley who DON’T let us forget. After my son and I had talked I felt compelled to sit down and get some of my thoughts typed out. Continue reading