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Today’s entry (October 22, 2018) is to formally announce that my wife, Debbie, and I are launching our Team Beach Body (TBB) coaching business. Even as I type this I’m quite aware that I have some friends who will giggle and laugh because they assume things about TBB that they find… beneath them somehow. I have some other friends who will see this, nod their head and mentally wish us well both in our fitness attainment and in the building of our attached business. Then there are a few folks reading this who will almost immediately think, “Wow. Could that help me? Could I do that?” The answer is, yes it could and yes you can. If you fall into either of the two latter groups, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email ( or on our Beach Body Coach’s page or through the Facebook page:

Edited in note: After reading about our launch, a friend asked me, “Why did you choose BeachBody?”  Here is the response.


For nearly all of my adult life I’ve been in a uniform or working for a police department / serving the law enforcement community in plain clothes. Either way, I’ve been a police trainer since I was 25 years old and fitness has always been a consideration. After all, it just looks bad if you go to deliver training and the “kids” (trainees even if they’re veteran officers) see you looking like you’re ready to keel over, it’s just bad. You have to be able to not only keep up with them, but push them. On top of that, I have a family history of Type II diabetes. Those in my family who grew into it did so after a certain age, while very overweight and doing no exercise. To enjoy the rest of my life the way I want to, I have no time for diabetes. It’s easy enough to avoid: eat a little cleaner, exercise a little more. It’s almost like an ancient secret recipe for health: diet and exercise.

A few years back I started writing motivational / self-help articles and essays. To date I’ve published two such books (both available on Amazon). I’ve got two more in the works. As you read through this, please understand that Debbie and I are not only launching a fitness/nutrition business through Team Beach Body, but I’m also combining that with an on-going support structure of motivation through daily messages in social feeds and the books I’ll continue to write.

On more than one occasion I’ve realized that I needed to be in a bit better shape to live life by my own terms. I’ve never been sloppy or had serious health problems and back in my youth I was a distance runner / wrestler. I’ve been a martial arts competitor as well. I’ve found it interesting that competition drives training – so I found someone to compete with and drive me in this new endeavor: my wife.

Debbie was an athlete in her youth. She was an avid softball player and genuinely active bowling, roller skating and so much more. With a career in retail that spans well over 30 years now, she’s always had a job where she spends most of her work day on her feet and easily walks 10K steps per day. That said, she has had two children, does enjoy food (almost as much as I do) and likes to relax in front of the television. As we all know: too much food enjoyment combined with too much TV enjoyment equals… fitness challenges. Debbie is strong and motivated and really looking forward to improving her/our quality of life with this new endeavor.

Difference Between Dieting and a Nutrition Program

There are lots of dieting programs on the market today. If you are overweight, I encourage you to examine them and pick which one works best for you LONG TERM. That’s the key – those pesky words, long term. I have several friends on the Keto diet at the moment and it’s working great for them as they lose weight. That said, most of them aren’t combining it with any kind of fitness routine and they have no exit strategy. Virtually every one of them says they can’t do the keto diet for the rest of their lives, but they have no clue what they’re doing after they meet their goal weight. In the meantime, they’re loving the reality of eating bacon and eggs, steak, fish and more, and losing weight. I have a diabetic friend who tried the keto diet without checking with his physician first… and put himself in the hospital.

Dieting for the express purpose of losing weight is one thing. Changing your nutritional intake to increase the health of your body and support physical performance improvement is something different. Anyone can lose weight by changing their eating habits. Burning fat off your body isn’t really that hard to do; it’s almost just a simple math equation and keeping track of calories. But I’ll ask this: What’s the end game? Once you reach your goal weight do you stop paying attention? Has anything been done to improve your strength, flexibility or cardio health?

Dieting isn’t a bad thing. I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that you’re better off if you learn a bit more about whatever program and come up with a short term, mid-term and long term plan. For your own overall health and welfare, do three things:

  1. Check with your doctor to make sure the program you want to embrace isn’t going to hurt you. This is especially necessary if you are diabetic, hypoglycemic, have high blood pressure or severe food allergies. Always exercise caution.
  2. Make sure the program you embrace includes not only a structured eating program but also allows room for mistakes, indulgences, etc. We all make them and enjoy them. The same program should have a recommended or guided exercise program that includes training for all three segments: strength, flexibility and cardio endurance.
  3. Find a program, coach or mentor that includes motivation and positive outlook support as part of the program. If the mind fails first, the body follows. What the mind sees as possible and desirable, the body can be driven to. Everyone has a bad day… or several. When motivation wains, discipline has to take over to stay on track and keep moving toward the goal(s).

Why We Chose Beach Body

Those who know me know that I’m a bit of a researcher. I’ll learn a lot about a subject before I decide how I want to proceed. In the past I’ve used to track my dietary intake and exercise time. I’ve used a mix of strength training and cardio workouts and I stretch daily (old back injuries make it mandatory). I’ve studied a lot of different nutritional programs, which are very different from “diets,” and many weight loss programs that offer nothing in the way of fitness improvement. I’ve long understood (and hope you do too) that simply losing weight doesn’t equate to greater fitness. It will certainly improve your health if you go from obese to a proper weight, but that doesn’t make you any stronger, more flexible or increase your cardiovascular health. It does reduce the strain on your cardio system and too many people think that “reduced strain” equates to “more fit.” That’s not really true. If you lose weight and your blood pressure comes down, that’s fantastic, but it only means you’ve reduced your risk of injury or death from a heart attack. It doesn’t mean you’re more fit. Fitness is a holistic concept. It’s a healthy mind in a healthy body that can perform on demand (within reason).

I add the “within reason” because if your idea of “perform on demand” is to go run the Ironman Triathlon, then you need to train a lot more than is typical in any Beach Body program. Then again, if your idea of “perform on demand” means being able to keep up with your children, grandchildren or friends at the beach and not be sore or winded simply from enjoying the trip, then Beach Body is exactly what you need. If you work in a profession that has occasionally high physical demands (think firefighter or law enforcement officer), Beach Body is a good foundation for your needs. It cleans up your nutritional intake and provides structured workouts that improve all aspects of physical performance: strength, flexibility and cardio-vascular endurance.

The Beach Body program – depending on which one you choose – includes dietary and nutritional supplements supported by all of the necessary tools to get educated about what’s going in your body and why, and a means to track all of it with relative ease. The programs (there are a lot to choose from!) also include guided exercise that you can do at home, in a hotel room, or any other sufficient space. No matter what program you choose, it’s been tried, tested and proven before ever being introduced to the market and it comes with your own coach; your own motivator… and that’s all part of the program.

The Invitation

As I prepare this launch announcement, Debbie and I are undertaking our first fitness challenge program on Beach Body. It’s a two-month challenge program that we chose specifically to launch ourselves and our business into Beach Body mode. Our fitness journey will be FAR longer than this two month challenge but we wanted to “hit the ground running” and this was the perfect choice for us!

The invitation I extend to YOU is to join us. Check it out. Learn a bit. Take a look at other diets and see what offers you the same level of information, products and support for nutrition and overall fitness. There’s too much available for it ever to get tedious or boring (another reason we chose it). Contact me through my coach’s page if you have any questions or are ready to join us on this journey!


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