Why Did We Choose BeachBody?

After announcing the new fitness and nutrition business my wife and I launched today (as I type this), I got a question from a friend on Facebook: So what made you guys go to BeachBody?  I started to type out the answer to her and then thought… others are going to ask this same question. So here’s the answer for anyone who wondered.

First, you need to understand something about me: I study the crap out of something before I make a decision to move forward. Most of my friends know I’m a Freemason (for about ten years now). What only a few of them know is that I studied the history and tenets of Freemasonry – as much as I could find – for a good two years before petitioning to become one; and that was even knowing that my father, grandfather and greatgrandfather had all been Freemasons. So before I chose BeachBody, I took a very careful look at it and what it offered.

Second, while I’m not nutritionist, I’ve studied nutrition, fitness, kinesiology (how your body works and moves), skeletomuscular function and more for a decade or more. I am a huge fan of understanding how my body works, what it needs to function, how I can improve it, correct problems, overcome challenges, etc. In the launch announcement I made no secret of the fact that Type II diabetes runs in my family and I have to take that into consideration. I believe I am borderline hypoglycemic, based on my own experiences, but have never been tested as such. Still, I maintain an acute awareness of my sugar levels and anything that can make them too high… or too low. Either is a bad thing in my world and I REALLY don’t want to ever be a medicated diabetic.

Third, I am not a fan of short term solutions to long term challenges. There is a plethora of diets out there to choose from. There is an equal number of fitness programs that all swear they are the best. The reality is that only one is the best FOR YOU and it may not be the same one that is best for me. I’m cool with that. I’m not responsible for YOUR health and fitness, but I do enjoy helping people – and that was part of my decision as well.

Fourth and final point: I’ve been moving on a motivational career development path for a couple of years now. I’ve published two self-help / motivational books and have another in the works (about half done) with another planned after that. The books are all about adjusting your mental outlook to support positive emotions so that nothing ethereal inside you slows down your day to day performance at work, having fun or in life in general.

So, having come to the realization that at 54 years of age I’m not getting any younger, I have the same desire a lot of other people do: to slow the aging process as much as I can and keep my body functioning at peak efficiency for as long as possible. As much as many people don’t like to face the reality of it, the number one thing we can all do to slow down the impact of age is eat right and stay active. Read that differently and it says, “Diet and exercise.”

I don’t mean “diet” as in “go on a diet and limit how much you eat,” or “only eat certain foods.” I mean: “educate yourself about your body’s needs and adjust your intake so that you’re still eating foods that you enjoy but have adjusted the amounts or types to benefit your overall physical system.” That might sound complicated but it’s really not. Simplified it’s what we’ve all heard throughout our lives: more fruits and veggies, less fat and sugar. Make sure you stay hydrated, maintain electrolytes and move your body.

Moving your body in the most overall beneficial fashion means making sure you build or maintain the strength of your muscles and joints, maintain flexibility head to toe as much as you can, and maintain or increase your cardiovascular endurance.

As I looked around at all of the various “diet and exercise” programs available on the market today, I realized that many of them only addressed the “diet” part OR they only addressed the “exercise” part. There are a LOT of diet programs that have different approaches. In my announcement I mentioned the keto diet; eat lots of fat and protein and very minimal carbs. The end result is your body enters a state of ketogenesis and burns the fat in your body and you lose weight. That’s because there are so few carbs (which our body converts to usable sugars) to use so your body burns fat. That’s a good thing… but what happens when your body fat gets down to 10% or less? What’s your end goal and after that? I guess you can eat the keto diet for the rest of your life if you can eat enough fat to keep your body functioning every day and not get to the point where your body starts to cannibalize muscle tissue to function.

What about the ever famous Weight Watchers?  A VERY simple plan and program that lets you eat what you want and assigns points to what you take in. Don’t ever go over a total of X points in a given day and you’re good. Simple. Does it give much focus to the balance of what you take in? How is the exercise program? What exercise program? You know… um… the one that supports strength, flexibility and cardio health? I’ve never heard of one.

The list goes on and on. I have many friends who are crossfit enthusiasts and it works well for them. As an exercise program it’s well rounded and doesn’t let you get bored with the same old day to day workouts. Some of my friends “eat paleo” while doing crossfit; others have gone vegetarian or vegan while doing crossfit. Crossfit is the exercise program and you have to find your own intake/nutrition plan.

I wanted a single program where I could 1) get the nutrition information, support and products I decided were right for me and 2) an exercise program that wasn’t boring or tedious and regularly switched up training methods to keep it interesting. BeachBody was the only one I found that met both those requirements.

Finally, as I considered all this and the reality of doing it for the next 20+ years, I realized that it would be a substantial part of my retirement routine. If it could generate income then that would make it all the better. Yes, you can become only a client of BeachBody and receive all of its benefits. There is a cost, just like there’s a cost to every other diet or exercise program out there. But you can also become a BeachBody Coach (what Debbie and I have done) and it becomes a business as well. How bad can that be? It’s actually pretty fantastic. My BUSINESS is staying healthy, getting more fit and helping others do the same. That falls directly in line with my desire to motivate and help people improve themselves.

So there is all my reasoning and decision making process. If you’d like to explore BeachBody, visit some online resources to learn more:

My BeachBody Coach’s Page

BeachBody’s main website

My email address and phone number are on my coach’s page. I hope to hear from you with any questions, concerns, curiosities or interests you have!


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