Asegas Press is a new and dedicated publishing imprint specific to Mentor/Author Frank Borelli’s work. It includes motivational / self-help, reference, fiction and non-fiction titles as well as several research papers. All books and reports supporting the Anti-Bullying / Anti-Aggression Training & Education (ABAATE) program are also published by Asegas Press.

Currently published and available books are listed on the BOOKSHELF page with information about each and links to purchase them either in print or in e-book. If only one version is available, then that’s the only link provided.


Blog Sections

The contents of each blog section are described below with links to that individual section. There is also a pull down menu list of these sections

Motivational Truths
Discussing a variety of outlooks about situations and events and how we react to them. Maintaining a positive outlook is the primary goal and our greatest weapon in overcoming challenges.

Interpersonal Relations
No matter what the essence of your relationships is with someone – whether it’s friendly, romantic, adversarial or other – there is always a relationship dynamic. How you perceive and manage that dynamic can greatly impact the direction of growth in the relationship.

While every parent and child are different from others, there seem to be a few “universal truths” about parenting and those are what is discussed here.

Gear and “Stuff”
Early on in my writing career, I wrote a LOT of equipment reviews. Many of them are still of value as the gear has not evolved, and every now and then I still get new gear to test and evaluate, providing the report/review on it here.

Other Reading
If it doesn’t fall into any of the above categories or is simply about too abstract of a topic to classify, you’ll find it here. This is reading that (I hope) can make you think.