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Have A Go Bag Ready

It may seem silly to do this, but with two tropical storms coming into the Gulf of Mexico (as this is typed) and a pandemic still raging around the world, having an emergency kit or bag ready to go isn’t a bad idea. Selecting the right bag and knowing what to put in it are obviously the important things to know. If you look around on the Internet you’ll find out that everyone who has ever served in the military who also has a social media account is a survival expert. You’ll also find that just about every company that manufactures a back pack or sells survival equipment has the latest greatest end all be all list for the perfect go bag and what to put in it. This entry isn’t going to tell you the perfect bag or contents, but it will give you some good general guidelines that will help you build a decent foundation to improve upon.


Three Life Rules Worth Repeating

I know that we all have heard these three rules before, but it seems like every time they pop up in my social media feeds or they get referred to by someone I know… I’m reminded of different parts of my life and when I learned these lessons. It’s interesting (to me) to see where they have been applicable and proven to be of benefit, even if it’s in some small way. (more…)