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Managing COVID-19 Restriction Anxiety

Folks, welcome to another morning in America. It’s Sunday morning, roughly 10am while I write this. In a lot of place, under normal circumstances, a lot of people would either be getting ready for church, coming home from church (depending on which service they attended), having a relaxed brunch with their family or have been up and motivated and working on a miscellaneous project around their house. But this isn’t a normal morning. All across our land there are restrictions on movement and lots of isolations going on – “social distancing” – to combat the spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus. (more…)

Throw Out 2018’s Trash

Welcome to the end of another year (or close to it). As we approach the New Year, lots of people are focused on the resolutions and changes they want to make. Folks think about what they are unhappy with or set new goals. It’s a great time of year for new beginnings (although ANY time of year is a great time for a new beginning). That recognized, how many of us take a look at why we want to change what we want to change and take the necessary steps to remove some of the negativity from our day and our lives? (more…)

The Negativity of Others Is A Strength For Me!

All of us have experienced, at some point in our lives, those people who try to tell us what we can’t do; why what we want to do is silly; how something we want to do is a waste of time; that a dream we hold dear is unattainable. Sometimes those people are mere acquaintances and it’s easy not to take their opinions or statements seriously; it’s easy to dismiss them. Sometimes, though, those people are friends and family – people who are supposed to care about us, support us, and offer us encouragement to pursue our dreams and desires. When the negativity comes from them, it’s hard to set it aside. (more…)