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An Angel with No Halo

As we approach the 20h Anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country – those committed on September 11, 2001 – we are also seeing our country completely pulled out of Afghanistan; an event that has left the country overrun by the Taliban. The Taliban – those who attacked us in the first place. As I ponder this new reality this morning, I heard a song on the radio that made me think about a lot of people I know and how current events might be affecting them.


Don’t Regret; Cherish

About 20 minutes ago, as I write this, I posted the following on Facebook and wanted to expand on it: “I am not the best policeman to ever have worn a badge. I am not the best police instructor to ever wear a red shirt. I am not the best writer to have ever been published. I AM the best husband I can be to my wife. I AM the best dad I can be for my children. I AM the best friend I can be for my friends. I don’t regret what I’m not and I cherish what I am.(more…)

Sometimes No Decision is “No”

Have you ever asked someone a question and had them answer, “I don’t know,”?  Of course you have, and sometimes that the correct answer.  If you ask them a question regarding a piece of knowledge or information that they don’t possess, then the correct answer for them to give you is, “I don’t know.”  However, if the question is about a piece of personal information such as a preference in where to eat dinner and they answer, “I don’t know,” then it can get a bit frustrating.  What I’ve found to be even worse is when I get no answer at all. (more…)