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Standing Still Is Falling Behind

We have all heard the story of the hare and the tortoise; the rabbit and the turtle.  We’ve heard how the rabbit was just SO sure of himself that he dawdled and wasted time while the turtle kept on making slow and steady progress.  That story is where the phrase, “Slow and steady wins the race,” comes from.  Today I want to present to you a different perspective: it doesn’t have to do with how you win the race; it has to do with recognizing whether you’re in a race or not at all. Continue reading

No Matter How Slow You Go…

I’ve made the observation that the older I get the more friends I have who are, seemingly all of a sudden, interested in “staying in shape.”  Yes, it is somewhat funny that “staying” implies they are already in good physical condition, and they’re not, but it’s also sad too.  For that matter, it’s far easier to stay in shape if you start focusing on it when you’re…  wait for it… IN SHAPE and at about the age of 18; or somewhere along in your teenage years.  After that you’re trying to recover the shape you know you can be in but haven’t been for years. I speak from experience here.  That said, “getting in shape” requires being in motion.  Some I know believe that unless you’re moving FAST then you aren’t moving enough to do yourself any good.  Few seem to appreciate that any motion is better than no motion and that any motion tends to increase itself over time unless we do something to stop it or slow it down.  Let me explain what I mean.

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