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Don’t Regret; Cherish

About 20 minutes ago, as I write this, I posted the following on Facebook and wanted to expand on it: “I am not the best policeman to ever have worn a badge. I am not the best police instructor to ever wear a red shirt. I am not the best writer to have ever been published. I AM the best husband I can be to my wife. I AM the best dad I can be for my children. I AM the best friend I can be for my friends. I don’t regret what I’m not and I cherish what I am.(more…)

What’s That Logo/Symbol Mean?

You may have recognized that all of the motivational sayings are part of an image that includes a unique stylized logo.  That logo comes, in part, from the company logo I had designed more than ten years ago.  It had a very specific symbolic meaning explained below.  After you understand what the original logo meant, in its totality, I can explain why I continue to use portions of it and what it means in this fashion. (more…)