You may have recognized that all of the motivational sayings are part of an image that includes a unique stylized logo.  That logo comes, in part, from the company logo I had designed more than ten years ago.  It had a very specific symbolic meaning explained below.  After you understand what the original logo meant, in its totality, I can explain why I continue to use portions of it and what it means in this fashion.

newlogocoolAs with any concept that includes and delineates such a wide variety of skills and knowledge, finding – or creating – an appropriate and recognizable logo is a challenge. The Borelli Consulting Logo symbolizes a collection of values, directives and professional character traits requisite to a complete contemporary warrior.

First you must understand that the logo was originally developed without any wording. The intention was to create a symbol that contained all of the necessary meaning in the visual images provided. Let’s examine those images in detail to see what they represent and how they interact.

Four Triangles:
The Logo foundation is one large triangle broken down into three smaller triangles. The triangle shape has long been viewed as one of the strongest of shapes, with a wide foundation and a balanced structure. Each of the triangles included in the Borelli Consulting Logo has specific meaning.

The largest triangle represents the necessary integration of Knowledge, Skill and Courage. Of these three, Courage is the base of the triangle because without it the Knowledge and Skill would be useless.

Courage: The white Courage triangle represents three things:
– The courage to accept the responsibility of protecting innocents and maintaining peace in our society.
– The courage to face dangers that others run from as necessary to perform required duties.
– The courage to do what is right and just in spite of peer or societal pressure.

Knowledge: The red Knowledge triangle represents three types of knowledge:
– Knowledge of the Constitution as well as federal, state, county and local laws that govern the community served.
– Knowledge of the values and priorities of the community served.
– Knowledge of policies, processes, protocols, and regulations that control and dictate how duties are performed to protect and serve.

Skill: The green Skill triangle represents three different kinds of skill:
– Physical skills to include strength, flexibility and endurance.
– Skills with all of the tools used in the performance of duty.
– Skills necessary to effectively communicate with senior officers, subordinates, equals and the community served.

Taken all together, the four triangles represent a wide and varied professional characteristics foundation required for any officer to perform his or her duties properly, effectively and with the best interests of the community in mind.

Scales of Justice:
Set into the white Courage triangle are the Scales of Justice. There is a large difference between a man who polices a community and a man who keeps peace in a community. Whether the law enforcement professional is a deputy sheriff, police officer, tribal guard or other functionary, seeking justice in the performance of his/her duties must always be paramount. Performing the requisite duties often puts those professionals in situations where personal ego, pride or vengeance can be served, but the temptation must always be avoided to maintain a focus on maintaining justice. It takes great courage to do this which is why the Scales of Justice – a constant reminder to always seek and support justice – are set into the Courage triangle.

Sniper’s Reticle:
When peace is broken in a community, the discord rarely misses an innocent person. When a law enforcement professional is forced to take enforcement or containment action, he/she must always act to insure that the action(s) never affect anyone other than the intended subject, most especially not ever an uninvolved innocent bystander. The need to deliver professional law enforcement services in a precise and efficient manner is symbolized by the Sniper’s Reticle. Further, the cross-hairs of the reticle are aimed right at the Scales of Justice indicating that the delivery of services must not only be precise, but must be delivered in a precise manner that seeks and supports justice in the community.

The words, “Skilled, Precise, Just” are meant to encapsulate the desired overall professional characteristics in today’s law enforcement officer. That officer must be skilled as articulated and symbolized by the four triangles of Courage, Knowledge and Skill. That officer must be precise and articulated and symbolized by the Sniper’s Reticle. That officer must be just, as articulated and symbolized by the Scales of Justice.

When one combines all of these ingredients into a symbiosis, you see an officer who is skilled in the performance of his duties; precise in the performance of his duties; and just in the performance of his duties. The logo was carefully designed to contain all of these concepts and show them as integrated by their existence together within the outer circle.

We at Borelli Consulting strive to always be Skilled, Precise and Just in our performance and service.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

logo-aloneNow, with that understanding of the original logo, let’s take a look at how I’ve adapted it for use on my motivational images.

The focus on serving justice, symbolized by the sniper’s reticle and scales of justice remain unchanged.  Due to my background and values I tend to believe that all of our outward efforts – those efforts that serve or affect others – should support justice.  Justice means fairness and peace and the support of both, although peace is sometimes only created by the physical prevention of violence.

The triangle represents working trinities and there are many, including the personal ones that you, the reader, might hold and I would be completely clueless about.  The few that I can think of off hand include:

The spiritual trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit.

The life trinity including body, heart and soul.

The functional trinity of knowledge, strength and wisdom.

The renaissance trinity of academics, philosophy/spirituality and physical prowess.

There are others.  I continue to use this logo without the military/law enforcement specific wording because I believe that the trinities have to be acknowledged, recognized and utilized to guide us in our endeavors. And, as I said, I believe all our endeavors should, in some way, support the expansion of a just and fair world… the expansion of justice.


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