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Motivation and Discipline

A great many people believe that motivation and discipline are the same things. In reality they are drastically different. Motivation is something you feel; discipline is a skill… it’s learned. Those folks who believe that discipline is an automatic follow-on to motivation as it wains need to learn the difference. (more…)

Peaceful vs Harmless

Every now and then I run across something in my social media feeds that make me stop and think… and then I start feeling like I have something to say – and you, my dear readers, suffer the outcome. In this case, there was a post that said (paraphrased) you can only be peaceful if you are capable of violence. Otherwise, if you are incapable of violence then you’re harmless. This is one of those items that made me stop and think, “Hmmm….” (more…)

Life’s Most Necessary Skill

Yes, I admit to “baiting” with the title. I was hoping it would make people wonder, “What might that be?” or “What does this guy Borelli think it is?”  My answer: Overcoming adversity. Out of the thousands of skills we need to learn (and hopefully master) throughout our lives, the ability to successfully cope with and overcome adversity is the single most important skill we can master.  I KNOW there are plenty of people thinking, “But what about…?” and putting in a different life’s skill.  I won’t argue you with you because there may be other life skills that you as an individual feel are more important.  To me – because of the quirks of my personality, knowledge and life’s experience – overcoming adversity is the single most important life skill a person needs to master. Using some contemporary events, let me expound a little bit on why. (more…)

What’s That Logo/Symbol Mean?

You may have recognized that all of the motivational sayings are part of an image that includes a unique stylized logo.  That logo comes, in part, from the company logo I had designed more than ten years ago.  It had a very specific symbolic meaning explained below.  After you understand what the original logo meant, in its totality, I can explain why I continue to use portions of it and what it means in this fashion. (more…)