One of the things I’ve come to realize is that, “Use it or lose it” is a true statement.  As I’ve studied aging (because we all do it, like it or not) I’ve learned that what we do (or don’t do) in our twenties and thirties can contribute to our physical strengths or frailties when we reach our later years… our seventies and eighties.  Strength, flexibility, bone density… it all gets affected by how we treat our bodies when we’re young.  Heart health is also greatly impacted by maintenance: how well you take care of and exercise your heart and cardiovascular system ALL YOUR LIFE.  When you realize that, then the saying, “I will do today what others won’t so that I can do tomorrow what others can’t,” is a literal truth.

What we do each day impacts what we will have the ability to do tomorrow.  Athletes train daily (except on “rest” days) to increase their performance capability and strength.  Soldiers physically train daily and regularly train other skills so that they can perform when called upon.  Police professionals and firefighters regularly physically train (if they’re smart) because their bodies can be called upon, with absolutely no warning or notice, to perform strenuous and demanding tasks.  What the younger people don’t understand, that it took the older people sometimes decades to realize, is that it’s far easier to maintain a higher level of fitness and capability if you start maintaining it at a young age and never stop.

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