I think procrastination should be considered a much greater sin than it is by spiritual people.  Consider this: Life is precious.  Few of us will disagree about that.  Life is also a gift: it’s a gift you received from a mother and father.  Most of us are courteous enough to express our appreciation for such a gift and we (typically) do so, when you think about it, by giving cards and gifts to our parents on the appropriate, specified holidays – Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day.  But life is also kind of like a marriage: if you ONLY express your appreciation for it on your anniversary, and the rest of the year you treat it as if it’s a low priority, then eventually it really is just taken for granted.  Life, like your parents and your spouse, should be appreciated every day and that appreciation should be expressed.

So, how do we appreciate life?  How do we express our appreciation for life?  BY LIVING IT.  Now currently there is a big (and silly, in my opinion) “You Only Live Once” or “YOLO” movement among the younger generation.  There is a swath of teenagers and young adults who believe that since you only live once (YOLO from here on) you shouldn’t waste time doing things that you don’t enjoy; you should simply “live life to the fullest” but ONLY doing stuff that is fun.  Of course, school is mandatory so they have to tolerate that, but outside of that mandatory education, they spend a great deal of time “living” in the virtual world, playing video games, interacting with their “friends” online, etc.  They do nothing that benefits society in general (although some of them seem to think that they’re doing society a favor by not being a criminal) and nothing that will benefit themselves in ten, twenty or thirty years (or more).  In fact, what they don’t realize in the ignorance of their youth, is that all of this time they spend “celebrating life” with their YOLO outlook, they’re going to regret having WASTED when they actually grow into adulthood OR when they reach middle age and look back to see how much of their life they squandered.

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