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A Few Meaningful Quotes

This morning I felt like it might be a good idea to share a couple of quotes. They are quotes that impact (or can) how you relate to others and who those others are. Remembering these wise words can help you avoid associations that are not in your best interest or are, at best, hurtful to how others perceive you based on your “friends.”


A Convenient Inconvenience?

Let’s discuss briefly the difference between “convenient” and “inconvenient,” and how being treated as either can be interpreted. This topic came up when a friend of mine said that he often felt as if he only received attention from certain people in his life when it was convenient for them. My over-analytical brain chewed on that and wondered, if people only paid attention to him when it was convenient for them, was he an inconvenience the rest of the time? (more…)

Communication, Motivation & Initiative

In every kind of relationship: personal, work, friends, whatever – in EVERY kind of relationship there are requirements of both parties involved if the relationship is going to be successful.  No relationship can be forever carried by one half; both have to participate.  The three things that are required are communication, motivation and initiative.  Let’s take a look at all three and see how they can have a positive impact on any relationship, and how lacking any one can cause serious problems in a given relationship. (more…)

Sometimes No Decision is “No”

Have you ever asked someone a question and had them answer, “I don’t know,”?  Of course you have, and sometimes that the correct answer.  If you ask them a question regarding a piece of knowledge or information that they don’t possess, then the correct answer for them to give you is, “I don’t know.”  However, if the question is about a piece of personal information such as a preference in where to eat dinner and they answer, “I don’t know,” then it can get a bit frustrating.  What I’ve found to be even worse is when I get no answer at all. (more…)

What A Single Second Can Mean

In the military and law enforcement fields of endeavor – where I have spent almost my entire adult life – time is a precious commodity.  Sometimes there is absolutely nothing going on and it’s easy to get bored.  Time moves SO slow then.  Then there are those moments of utter chaos with potential for great harm and time flies by faster than you can keep track of.  In a dangerous conflict, the value of time is literally immeasurable.  Think of it this way: If you’re in a gun fight, what would pay for a one second head start?  Reality is that a single second, for better or worse, can have an impact on someone’s day. (more…)