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Age Restriction on Cell Phones?

According to Fox5 New York in this article, Vermont State Senator John Rodgers (D) has submitted a bill that would prohibit anyone under 21 from using a cellphone. According to the bill, those under 21 would be prohibited from possessing, owning or using a cellphone under penalty of up to one year in jail, a $1,000 fine or both. Now, the obvious reaction from just about everyone is, “What?! No way!” Before you join that crowd screaming about how this is some sort of illegal or unconstitutional infringement, let’s look at a few statistics (also taken from that same article and not independently verified). (more…)

Edit Your Subscriptions

Do you remember when “having a subscription” meant that you were either getting a daily newspaper or a monthly magazine? If so, you’re as old as I am. In today’s world, there are so many things you can subscribe to and not all of them cost money. You can have subscriptions to someone’s social media feed (get notifications) or to magazines or to electronic newsletters or to services and products. You can have a subscription to damned near anything and every company out there wants you to subscribe to their service or to receive their products. Think about it: a subscription with dollars attached is a guarantee of at least short term repeat revenue for them, and you get what you want out of it to boot, right?  Now, please think about this: what subscriptions do you have wherein the services or products are dedicated to helping you improve your health and fitness? (more…)