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2020: Another Year, More…?

Ah, it’s that time of year. For the past week people have been building up to and celebrating Christmas. For the next week some folks regret all that they’ve eaten, losing another year of not improving themselves the way they’d like to have, and generally making false promises to themselves (called resolutions) that they swear they’ll start on January 1st.  Some might. Some might not. According to some studies, those who do launch their resolutions on January 1st, on average, will give them up within the first week to ten days of the New Year. It’s been reported that fewer than 10% of people who make New Year’s resolutions make it the entire year without breaking the resolution. The question then begs: Why do people make resolutions if the success rate of them is so low? (more…)

Throw Out 2018’s Trash

Welcome to the end of another year (or close to it). As we approach the New Year, lots of people are focused on the resolutions and changes they want to make. Folks think about what they are unhappy with or set new goals. It’s a great time of year for new beginnings (although ANY time of year is a great time for a new beginning). That recognized, how many of us take a look at why we want to change what we want to change and take the necessary steps to remove some of the negativity from our day and our lives? (more…)

Make A Resolution To Give Up

Every year people make resolutions to do something or some things that they believe will somehow alter their life for the better.  They resolve to quit smoking. They resolve to lose weight. They resolve to get in shape. They resolve to cut back on eating fatty foods. They resolve to drink less alcohol. They resolve to find a different job that they’ll like more than the one they have.  Resolve.. resolve… resolve.  As I thought about it, reviewing a few motivational snipits I had come across, it occurred to me that maybe what some folks need to do is make just one resolution: the resolution to GIVE UP.  “Give up what?” you ask.  Let me share… (more…)