Every year people make resolutions to do something or some things that they believe will somehow alter their life for the better.  They resolve to quit smoking. They resolve to lose weight. They resolve to get in shape. They resolve to cut back on eating fatty foods. They resolve to drink less alcohol. They resolve to find a different job that they’ll like more than the one they have.  Resolve.. resolve… resolve.  As I thought about it, reviewing a few motivational snipits I had come across, it occurred to me that maybe what some folks need to do is make just one resolution: the resolution to GIVE UP.  “Give up what?” you ask.  Let me share…

GIVE UP… doubting yourself.  It’s one of the easiest things to do and if you’ve ever failed to keep a single resolution then you have reason to doubt your own commitment; your own capabilities.  Self-doubt, however, will erode your motivation and give you a readymade excuse standing by for when your will weakens or you simply adopt the mindset of less commitment.  Give up doubting yourself.  Before you make any resolution or commit to any lifestyle/behavioral change, first recognize that you are imperfect, just like every other person on the planet, BUT YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH AND WILL TO DISCIPLINE YOURSELF TO MAINTAIN ANY RESOLUTION.  Give up doubting yourself and adopt an outlook of total faith in your ability to perform that task – or avoid that task – as you commit to in your resolution.

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