I am blessed. There’s no question about that.  One of my blessings is purely intrinsic (meaning it’s inside of me; innate to me) – I try to learn in every way I can from every experience, every conversation, everything I read, etc.  One of my (many) blessings is purely extrinsic (from outside of me; from others) – I have children who are all more intelligent than I am and they happily, although sometimes unintentionally, share knowledge they have gleaned that I have not.  “First world problems” is one of those things I’ve learned about.

A few months ago if you used the phrase “first world problems” I’d have been at a loss in understanding what you were talking about. Then I heard my youngest so use this phrase a number of times when we (our family) were trying to figure out some challenge.  At some point I asked him what he was talking about and he explained it rather succinctly: First world problems are those problems or challenges that only exist in first world countries.

Here’s an example:  The family is going out to dinner.  Which car do we take?  …

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