I have been actively writing short stories since I was in the 7th grade.  I learned to type in the 9th grade and, thanks to lots of years of playing the piano before that, I could type FAST (still can).  I have the benefit of a good private high school education plus some.  What it took me most of my adult life to learn was the value of NOT immediately saying or typing about something that made me angry.  Venting while angry – whether you do it verbally (bad) or in writing (worse) – is NOT a good thing.  When you find yourself preparing to do that, THEN is when you need to practice the pause.

For most things I don’t believe in slowing down much.  I believe in maintaining a high level of motivation and enthusiasm. I believe in expending positive energy to earn positive results.  I believe in “full steam ahead” until there’s no steam left – and then you go some more anyway!  What I’ve had to learn, and it’s a lesson that has come at some cost to friendships, career growth, etc… what I’ve had to learn is that there are times when “full steam ahead” isn’t the best course of action.  There are times when the absolute best course of action is to pause and assess a situation or set of circumstances before resuming the previous “balls to the wall” pace.

The accompanying image shows four times or sets of circumstances that are good cause for a pause.  They are…

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