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Fully Leverage Every Day

I just enjoyed spending a weekend at my in-laws with my wife this past weekend (as this is written). We enjoyed relaxing, shopping and helping them with a few things around the house. As usual, throughout my days, I was looking for inspiration; something that would make me think and anything that could be used as guidance to increase a positive mental and emotional outlook. Funny enough, I found such an item in my in-law’s bathroom.


Logic and Wisdom

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Star Trek fan. Because of a quirk of circumstance, it’s actually documented that I was a fan when I was just three years old and the original series itself was only a few months old. In one of the movies – the sixth one for the original series: “Undiscovered Country,” Spock tells Lt. Valeris that logic is not everything. “Logic, logic and logic,” he says. “Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris. Not the end of it.(more…)

Fear Is A Choice

…and therefore unnecessary.  I didn’t used to believe that.  You’d think that being a police officer for virtually all of my adult life, I’d understand that fear was something I could choose or not.  I didn’t realize that until after I’d retired (the first time) and I still have to thank a Will Smith movie (After Earth) for the realization. What I did all throughout my career was simply ignore the fear, or overcome the fear, to perform my duties as my oath and circumstances required.  It wasn’t until I heard these words in After Earth that I realized: fear doesn’t HAVE to exist; we choose it. (more…)