…and therefore unnecessary.  I didn’t used to believe that.  You’d think that being a police officer for virtually all of my adult life, I’d understand that fear was something I could choose or not.  I didn’t realize that until after I’d retired (the first time) and I still have to thank a Will Smith movie (After Earth) for the realization. What I did all throughout my career was simply ignore the fear, or overcome the fear, to perform my duties as my oath and circumstances required.  It wasn’t until I heard these words in After Earth that I realized: fear doesn’t HAVE to exist; we choose it.

I spent my entire life thinking that being brave was the apex of self-control.  I spent my life being taught that “adults” face their fears.  It was what I was taught as a young child and I suspect many of you were as well.  It wasn’t until I saw that movie with my youngest son that I realized fear really is an illusion.

WHAT we are afraid of can be anything and there are certainly plenty of phobias that, to someone or another, make no sense.  Some of those phobias demonstrate the statement all too well…

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