We’ve all heard the sayings and whether a pessimist or an optimist is denoted.  “The glass is half full,” says the optimist. “The glass is half empty,” says the pessimist.  “The glass is improperly engineered,” says the engineer.  “While you all argued about it, I drank it and now it’s empty,” says the opportunist.  Here’s what someone says who believes in a positive and motivated outlook: “The glass is refillable. Partake all you want.”

I find it amazing that we can be so philosophical about a glass, its contents and how full (or empty) it is.  This is one of those questions I’ll never get an answer to: Who was the first person to look at a half-full glass of anything and say, “Is that glass half full or half empty?”  Some wise man observed in response that it depended on the outlook of the person viewing it.  While that wise man was absolutely right, the “glass half full” question is merely one example of how YOUR personal outlook can affect your happiness, your motivation and – ultimately – your quality of life.

Consider this: many people wake up each day dreading what it will bring.  We’ll call them pessimists but they could be realists …

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