Obviously, there are far more than FIVE rules for life if you want to feel motivated, empowered, fulfilled, justified, etc.  That said, every now and then I come across a meme that makes me stop and think.  If I actually think the thoughts I have are worth sharing, entries like this one occur.

This meme says these are “5 Cardinal Rules For Life.”  As I said, there are more than five rules for life, but these, as I review them, seem pretty important and worth expanding on.  I know a few folks who would disagree with one or two of them, or who aren’t doing real well at keeping them in mind.  Many of us have a hard time with #3 (as an example) if we’ve recently experienced a loss.  It’s easy to THINK it; it’s often far harder to actually let it help you feel better.  Emotions aren’t usually as easy to control as we’d like for them to be and there’s a difference between KNOWING something and accepting it in your heart.

So, let’s review them and please forgive my arrogance as I share my expanded thoughts about each.

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