I’m sure I would be like everyone else and wish for world peace, right?  But what if I was going to wish for something realistic; something I would use or carry daily; something I’d have to get as a Christmas gift (from a rich relative) because I either don’t have or wouldn’t spend the money to get it for myself? That’s a different story.

I’ve been a shooter for most of my life; roughly 2/3 of it, and my first issued duty weapon was a Government Model 1911 .45ACP (thanks to Uncle Sam’s Army). I’ve always liked the 1911 platform but the full size, all metal 1911 is a bit heavy for comfortable concealed daily carry. So if I was going to make a wish…

I’d wish for the Dan Wesson 1911 Commander Classic BobTail .45ACP. On their website it says the weapon is available to law enforcement only and has an MSRP of $1,529.  With a 4.25” barrel, a stainless steel frame and a forged stainless steel slide, this is an excellent foundation for what can be a truly awesome sidearm. It already has many upgraded or custom parts, so what could make it better you ask?

Well, for an older shooter like me, with eyesight challenges beginning, having the weapon worked to mount a Red Dot Sight would help a lot. I’m a picky guy though so I’d still want functioning front and rear sights that would be cowitnessed through the RDS. The simple answer is to get a Nighthawk Custom Firearms Border Special, modified to accept an RDS.  That’s where the big price comes in at $3,799 (plus the cost of the extra work to mount the RDS and the cost of the RDS itself).  Designed by Sheriff Jim Wilson, who’s been carrying a 1911 for over 40 years, I’m confident the Border Special is reliable. If I do my part, it’ll surely do its part in stopping lethal threats.

Of course, such a fine weapon needs to be put in a good quality and secure holster. Since dollars wouldn’t be an object and quality would be the premium goal, I’d go to Doc Barranti at Barranti Leather Co. and purchase a belt rig designed to my specs for my gun and accessories.  Holster would match the belt and have a thumb strap, but would be cut to accept the RDS. I’d get a matching double magazine pouch and a separate flashlight pouch and (I guess I have to get) a handcuff pouch. All would match the belt of course and all would be decoratively engraved – a special talent from Barranti.

With such a fine weapon and a secure yet aesthetically pleasing way to carry it, I’d have to make sure I had several extra 8-round magazines and that they were all loaded with a good quality, high performance ammunition. I’ve long been a fan of the Speer Gold Dot ammunition, so for me, those magazines would be full of said ammo. If that was unattainable (due to the frequent ammo shortages we seem to be having of late), I’d go with the SigSauer  .45 Auto 230 grain V-Crown jacketed hollowpoint. I know it to feed reliably in my current 1911 and it expands well based on previous testing.

There are any number of good flashlights that I’d be happy to carry. The decision of which would depend on the circumstances I was expecting. An evening out in an urban area would mandate the brightest rechargeable light I could fit in the pouch. Heading out into a more rural area would mean a battery-driven light, with some spare batteries in my kit somewhere. Such a fine holster rig would all but require a knife pouch to be added with a classic Buck Hunter 110 nestled in it. That wouldn’t preclude the CRKT Homefront I’d still have in my pocket. For that matter, I’d still have my ASP Dot rechargeable light in my pocket as always.

At the end of the day, it would be one heck of a nice set up; functional yet pleasant to look at. The craftsmanship in the weapon, the belt, the holster and pouches – it would be classy to be sure. So, I guess it’s either time to start saving up the dollars… or wish harder for a rich relative?

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