WARNING: This is my OPINION. As such I don’t need to justify it, support it, argue points of it, etc. If what I say upsets you, you are welcome not to read it anymore.

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It’s morning in America. It’s Wednesday; middle of the work week. Happy Hump Day. You made it to the half way mark. That might seem easier or harder this week because election day was yesterday. For some, that meant the day off. For others, that meant an extra long work day. For kids around the country it meant schools were closed since so many are used as polling places. What it meant, in general, was that Monday was a lower-than-usual productivity day as everyone debated and prepared for election day.  Tuesday was election day and even though voting usually only takes a couple of hours AT MOST (and only if the line is long), the day centers around the election and discussions about candidates, pros, cons, etc.  Then Tuesday evening is spent by a lot of people – all around the world in fact – waiting to see who won.

It’s morning in America.  It’s “the day after.” Some people feel as if it’s the beginning of the end of the world. Others feel as if it’s the beginning of the end of a failed regime in America, and they look forward to having a president who favors a strong nation; who preaches patriotism; who calls on Americans to make America great again.

In social media, there are those who gloat (and I have some, simply because I detest Hillary Clinton and her spouse), those who are sad, and those who are saying, “Just focus on moving forward. Whether your candidate won or lost, just let’s focus on healing disagreements and treating each other the way we should.”

It’s my belief that much of the discord caused by this election is directly attributable to the mainstream media and a lack of true leadership on the part of president Obama. Eight years ago, as America elected its “first black president,” there were those racists who believed, simply because he was black, that he’d fail.  There were also those NON-racists who believed he was a scammer. After all, if you take an objective look at his cultural heritage, he’s not even “black,” as in African-American.  His heritage is ½ European/Caucasian, 3/8 Arabic and 1/8 African.  He CHOSE to identify himself as “black” and, by his own admission, he did so to best leverage that community for his own gain.

For eight years he has had the opportunity to speak from the pulpit.  He’s had the chance to bring Americans together. Yes, racism still exists. Yes, it’s still just as stupid as ever. Instead of using his eight years in office to LEAD America into a more cohesive and unified perception of itself as a whole, he has used that position to manipulate information, and he’s done so in such a way as to carefully wedge the American people farther apart.  He’s worked hard and with diligence to separate Americans by race, by religion and by economic standing. He has generally insulted and/or neglected the concerns of hard working Americans, and he has generally supported and complimented not only lazy and willfully ignorant Americans, but he has literally praised the acts of criminals as well.  President Obama has glorified all those who he believes he shares a common background with, and in doing so reveals that he perceives himself as having come from the ghetto; lived an economically challenged life; was denied much because of the color of his skin and never given an equal chance.  Contemplate, if you will, the irony of that outlook for a moment: THE PRESIDENT of the United States – arguably the most powerful elected office in the western world – feels he was never given a fair chance and grew up poor.  And then, instead of using his office to inspire people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, he instead glorified them in their lack of motivation; their lack of will; their lack of self-belief and self-value. He instead criticized anyone who felt they should keep what they’d worked hard to earn and, whether you view it this way or not, actively sought to punish middle-class employed hard working individuals and families by adding to their financial burden: it’s a huge tax hidden in a seemingly charitable law most often called OBAMAcare.

It’s morning in America.  President Obama’s regime is coming to an end. He has approximately two months left in office.  So short a time compared to eight years, but plenty of time for him to lead our nation further into the depths of racial separation and hatred.

It’s morning in America. Hillary Clinton – the first ever presidential candidate to run a campaign while under investigation by the FBI – lost the election.  Her supporters, who are also Obama’s fans and supporters, are blaming her loss on hatred, racism, and sexism. It seems beyond their ability to understand that maybe… just MAYBE “the silent majority” got tired of being trampled on, insulted, fined, taxed, restricted, and otherwise ignored.  Maybe the silent majority finally couldn’t stomach the thought of another four years of having to carry the load of America’s work and the blame for America’s imperfections. Maybe the silent majority actually feared a tyrannical government; the kind of government that takes your property without remorse or compensation and denies you the ability to defend yourself from such theft.

When I think about it, it seems pretty simple to me.  Americans are not generally hateful people. We are not generally lazy, ignorant people. We are not generally people who will let others take advantage of us. We ARE generally charitable people. We ARE generally willing and almost eager to help others. We ARE generally a compassionate crowd.  We generally are always willing to be charitable but we are equally unwilling to be victims.

Now, think about that for just a moment as you consider the campaign that is now (thankfully) over.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was basically one long statement: You’ve been mistreated. You’ve been oppressed.  You’ve been denied and marginalized. Someone owes you. I’ll make sure someone pays and you’ll get what you should have gotten all along.  You’re a victim.  I’m your representative.

Donald Trump’s campaign was basically one long statement: America was once a great and thriving nation. We are a nation full of strong, hard-working, self-reliant, go getters. THAT part of our nation has been beaten down for the past eight years and it’s getting us nowhere but broke and weak. Let’s stop apologizing for the past. Let’s stop hating each other. Let’s stop focusing on negativity. Let’s make America strong and great again.

Which of those two messages appeals more?  Well, if you’re someone who has little and likes to blame that on someone else, then Hillary’s message is the way to go.  But if you’re a proud American who doesn’t mind hard work, is proud of your work ethos and absolutely delighted by the possibility of not being further bashed for it in general, Trump’s message sings to your heart.

It’s morning in America. The election is over. Trump won. Some people are happy. Some people are sad.  Honestly, I don’t care what people from other countries think. We’re Americans. When our nation was founded, the initial separation from another country was inspired by that first basic statement of, “We don’t care what you think.” This is America. The power and strength of America lies in the hearts, minds and souls of the American people.  But make no mistake: LAZY Americans have no power. Those who remain willfully ignorant and wallow in their lack of intelligence, have no power. The power and strength of America lies in those citizens who do work hard; who do motivate themselves; who do overcome challenges; who do improvise, adapt and overcome!

The strength of America is AMERICANS.  But Americans aren’t a slovenly, pitiful bunch just waiting for the next president to give them another handout and blame their circumstances on someone else. AMERICANS stand up and go after what they want through hard work, education, diligence and initiative.

It’s morning in America. It’s a new day. It’s the middle of the work week.  Get up; get caffeinated; get to work. Work hard. Produce something. Earn your paycheck. Don’t have a job?  Go out and find one. Apply for three a day until someone hires you. Create a service; invent a product; DO SOMETHING.  Americans don’t sit around on their laurels waiting for the world to be delivered to them. Americans don’t sit and wait for opportunity to come knocking.  Americans walk up to opportunities door and kick that bitch in.

It’s morning in America. Good morning. Enjoy the coffee.  Let’s do this!


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