It’s a reality of life that we can’t incorporate just one positive characteristic into our personality make up and be a complete person.  Instead, we have to incorporate numerous positive characteristics, molding them together, finding the proper balance between them, and leveraging the sum of the whole to reach an improvement in who we are.  Part of who we are should always be striving for growth; improvement; learning; development and more.  Part of who we are should remain focused on never being content with what IS but always striving to attain what can be – if we work for it.  Such improvements… such gains in our personality and life require us to do a few things:  Risk, Care, Dream and Expect.  Let’s break them down a bit…


Risk more than others think is safe.  If you take a look around at the various people in your life, you can divide them into two groups (at least): Those who take risks and seem to accomplish more than the others, and those who protect themselves from risk and seem to lead semi-stagnant lives.  Why is that?  Risk involves facing a fear.  It could be simply the fear of the unknown.  It could be fear of failure. It could be fear of success (yes, that sometimes happens too).  But whatever that fear is, it is inherent in all risk.  After all, if there was no potential for a negative result, then what you’re preparing to do couldn’t be classified as “risky” now could it?

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