Yesterday evening (as I type this) I had a conversation with my oldest son about choices we make in life and how they shape our future.  Of course, we can only guess and/or assume how our future will change when we’re making those choices.  In the future we can look back and see the results of our choices and decide whether or not we regret any of our decisions.  He is (currently) blessed, as am I, with the reality that our PRESENT – the current conditions and circumstances of our lives – are pretty darned good; and we’re smart enough to realize that if we traveled back and changed any decision or choice, we may well rob ourselves of something in our current day to day life.  That recognized, we also agreed that there are those times when we don’t do something we might want to do and our reason(s) for not doing it could include cost, time, fear, etc.  Those are the “regrets” this piece is about.


I know an awful lot of people who actually maintain a “bucket list;” that list of things they want to do before they die (kick the bucket).  My response to anyone when they talk about adding an item to  or scratching an item off of their bucket list is, “Why do you make a list?  Go out and do it!”  Of course, while they agree, reality is that we need to schedule time and dollars for some things.  One friend wanted to go skydiving.  It wasn’t free and required most of a day so she had to save the money and schedule the time.  She did so as quickly as she could rather than putting skydiving as an item on her list that she’d get to “someday.”  That infamous “someday” may never arrive as you may have read elsewhere on this website.  Those items that you put on your list of things you’d like to do or experience but you somehow never seem to get around to are the things that become regrets.

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