Stuff In The Basement

Since I broke my elliptical awhile back (apparently, putting over 2,500 miles on it in a year will break it), I have been using the treadmill (that still works).  In front of it, hung on the wall, is a 30-something inch flat screen television with a built in DVD player.  For entertainment while I’m walking on the treadmill (with the occasional jog/run included), I’ll watch a movie from our collection.  Today’s movie was “Rocky Balboa” – the fifth and last installment of the Rocky movie saga.  As much as it was criticized as unnecessary, there were a few good points made in it that shouldn’t be overlooked.

First, that “stuff in the basement.”  When Rocky is talking to Paulie, he confesses that he still has this “stuff” inside him.  It’s as if he’s trying to find a way to articulate a “fire in his belly,” but, well, Rocky Balboa has never been known for his eloquence and Paulie is even worse off in that department.  Still, that stuff…

I think it’s both unique and important that the movie depicted an OLD Rocky with that “stuff in the basement.”  It was as if Stallone – who wrote the screenplay – felt the need to express why he kept doing what he’s doing.  I mean, the man is closing on 70 years old …

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